Getting Started

Welcome to Justworks Hours' API documentation. This site serves as both a technical reference for the endpoints available and a general overview of time tracking.

What is Justworks Hours for Developers?

Justworks Hours for Developers (JHFD) is a RESTful JSON API that exposes Justworks Hours' functionality for integration in third-party products and services. Essentially JHFD provides the full back-end feature set of Justworks Hours' robust time and attendance platform without the front-end user interface.

What are some use cases Justworks Hours for Developers?

Customers use JHFD in a number of ways, including:

  • Screenless software
  • Custom third-party integrations
  • Proprietary back-office software and mobile apps

How is Justworks Hours for Developers priced?

Justworks Hours for Developers pricing is based on volume of usage and use case.

How do I get access?

Contact our technical sales team ([email protected]) to obtain access to Justworks Hours for Developers (JHFD).

JHFD customers will receive access to a development sandbox where they can build a working model of their application.

Once development is complete and ready to go live, access will be granted to the live environment API.